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Emile Dameron

French Painter

Charles-Emile Dameron was a student of both Pelouse and Troyon, and at the beginning of his career, he will follow Pelouse’s advice to go to Pont-Aven where he will stay for a short period.

He starts exhibiting regularly at the Paris Salon between 1872 and 1907. In 1876, he obtained the Troyon price. He also exhibited at the Britain’s Glasgow Institute and at the Royal Hibernian Academy. Dameron was awarded a third place medal in 1878, a second place medal in 1881, and a bronze medal at Paris’ World Fair in 1889.

He paints rural subjects in the style of Millet and his realistic paintings remind us of the Breton brothers. His perfect landscapes make him a successor of the Barbizon painters.

He draws his inspiration from the banks of the Seine River, the shores of Britanny, and of Provence, especially the Cap d’Antibes.  Also much has to be said on his rather poetic style, and his wonderful ability to attain a certain sense of realism throughout his oeuvre.

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