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Hunt Diederich

Painter & Sculptor - Member of the "Group of Woodstock"
1884 - 1953

Hunt Diederich was born in 1884 in Hungary. He died in 1953.

Hunt Diederich was the son of a horse trainer, his mother came from an artistic family including the painter William Morris Hunt and the architect Richard Morris Hunt.

After starting his studies in Switzerland he enrolled in the Milton Academy of Boston and the Fine Art Academy of Pennsylvania where he met his dear friend Paul Manship. They traveled through Spain together. Later Diederich traveled though Europe and Africa for 10 years.

He worked in Paris with the sculptor E. Fremiet. Back in the United States he reintegrated the Woodstock colony.

He participated to the Paris Salon from 1911 to 1924 and had his first solo exhibition in the United States at the Kingore Gallery.

Hunt Diederich is well known for his two and three dimensional works depicting Animals and hunting scenes. He is a sculptor of mythological subject, groups, bust, animals.

In 1988 the National Museum of American Art purchase, through the Smithsonian Collections Acquisition Program, the "Stag Attacked by Hounds" (Circa 1920, wrought iron with copper and brass).

Recent public auctions include:
New York, March 14 1991: "Satyre Pourchassant une Nymphe" Brescia Marble (H28.9 cm 11 ½") US$ 6,600
New York, November 28 1995: Diane avec son chien, bronze (53.5cm 21") US$ 16,100

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