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Pierre Jeanniot


Officer of career, he undertakes an activity of painter in parallel.

He begins at the Salon in 1872 with a watercolour Intèrieur de forêt and sends his first painting Le Vernan à Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne (Doubs). He appears regularly with sights of Toul, banks of the Seine in Troyes, Dijon and Paris, as well as with some portraits.

In 1881, he leaves the army with the rank of captain and is devoted to art. Jeanniot starts to paint especially military scenes. Starting from 1890, he exposes to the Nationale des Beaux-Arts.
Director of the Journal Amusant, he also collaborates in various magazines.

Lydia Harembourg Dictionnaire des Peintres Paysagistes français au 19ème siècle. Ides et Callended, 1985
Musée de Nancy Vue près de Diénay

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