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Miguel Valdesberea

Born in Havana, Cuba
(died in New York, NY, 1999)


Miguel Valdesberea studied at Havana's San Mejandro Academy of fine Arts and was invited to further his studies at the San Fernando School of fine Arts and Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain. 

During his twenty-year career as a professional artist, he has painted in Spain, Italy, England, south America, and the United States producing numerous portraits of renowned business leaders, government officials, deans of American Universities and clergy. 

He is also well known for his still lifes, landscapes, flowers, murals and nudes.  He has created works in many media including oil, pastel, watercolor, and acrylic. 

His works have been shown at the Forma Gallery of Coral Gables, Florida; the Allan Stone Gallery, the Basement Gallery, the CFM Gallery in Soho, New York; and the rob Gallery in Amsterdam, Holland. 

Miguel Valdesberea has also had works published in Interior Design and Art in America magazines.  His work has also been auctioned at Sotheby's, New York.

Commissioned Paintings and Portraits (1962 - Present)

  • Paul Volcker, commissioned by Federal Reserve Bank
  • John Mack, current President of Morgan Staley, and Family
  • Hon. Pierce Lively, former Chief Judge, S. Court of Appeals, -6th. Cir.
  • Allan Stone, Stone Gallery, and family
  • Former Deans of Dartmouth College
  • James H. Evans, former Chairman and CEO, Union Pacific Corporation
  • Frederick B. Whittemore, Morgan Stanley, & Family
  • Four Presidents of MacMester College, St Paul, Minnesota
  • Headmaster, Kimball Union Academy
  • David T. McLaughlin, former President, Dartmouth College., Presently Chairman/CEO of The Aspen Institute
  • Currently executing 14 portraits of the business faculty, past and present, of:
    Chicago University, including George Shultz - former Secretary of State, and Jack Gould K.V.R. Dey, Jr., Chairman University of New Hampshire Foundation
  • Donald Goss, President Emeritus Class of 1953, Dartmouth College
  • Paul Danos, Dean, Amos Tuck School of Business Administration, Dartmouth College
  • Herbert Haag, President, partner Re-Bermuda
  • Mado MacDonald, Treasurer Amos Tuck School
  • Nena Turull by commission of her daughter, Mrs. T.L. Bates
  • Grandson of Mrs. Andrew Goodman (Bergdorf Goodman)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harry V. Anderson (then Director/Chairman Interior Design Magazine)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Garcia Navarro, painted in London
  • Howard Johnson and family


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