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Jean Vollet

French Pointillist painter
(b. 1935)

Jean Vollet was born at Montayral, France on June 29,1935. After studying art at the Ecole d'Arts Graphiques in Bordeaux, where he obtained a degree in lithography, he went to Paris in 1962. There he devoted his time entirely to painting and began to display his work in 1964 at the Salon des independants. He has since successfuly exhibited in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Beverly Hills, Cannes...

La Seine, le Pont des Arts

Jean Vollet creates a world of Paradise, a mist shining with joy is visible in his paintings. There is the spell of the masters of the 19th century, the magic of Renoir and Monet : the golden mist of the landscapes, the colors of the plants growing in the fields, the trees whose branches reach up to the sky surronding them, all recreate the world of happy childhood. The influence of Seurat, combined with Renoir and Pissaro, is visible in the paintings of Vollet, and their balance and equilibrium, their serenity, are typically French.

Paysage aux Oliviers

There is precise technique in Vollet's landscapes. A multitude of tiny, colored dots is blended to create movement depth and the charm of a gentle sensuality. His creative originality is demonstrated by his ability to combine tones of color : he mixes bluish-greens with the purplish-yellows to produce a new sensation of depth and an illusion of movement, shimmering with color.

Rade de Villefranche

Jean Vollet is an outstanding example of the artist who is not in the avant-garde of his time, but one worthy of the Masters whose inspiration he follows. Jean Vollet's art is filled with the joy of life, with pastoral happiness, which constantly recalls the great impressionist painters of the last century.

Although a contemporary Jean Vollet has recreated in his own personal style the pointillist technique of Seurat which he blends with the carefully applied study of light of the impressionists.

Text courtesy of Jean Vollet
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