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Valery Sigayev

Ukrainian artist
(b. 1962, Ukraine)

Valery Sigayev is a Ukrainian artist born on November 18, 1962 in Chernihiv Region

Since his childhood, Valery had pursued and developed his interest in painting. In 1983, he graduated from Kharkiv College of Fine Arts with a diploma of artist decorator. In 1992, Valery graduated from Kiev Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Art.

Since 1987-1992, the artist has been taking part in all Ukrainian Republican Exhibitions. The Ministry of Culture and the Union of Artists of Ukraine purchased for their reserves, his series of etchings exhibited at a Republican Exhibition. This was a great honor paid by the state to a young artist.

In 1990, the artist was offered to work in the Ukrainian town of Ichnya, Chernihiv Region, to paint the icons for the altar screen of the Ascension Church. After the completion, the artist was offered to paint the icons and the murals in another cathedral in Ukraine (traditionally, the Orthodox churches are lavishly painted inside). In 1991, Valery Sigayev accepted the proposition and began working in the Transfiguration Cathedral in the town of Pryluky, Chernihiv Region Ukraine. The Cathedral has been built in 1725 in the architectural style of the Ukrainian baroque and has never been painted inside. However, after the Soviet State returned the Cathedral to the Orthodox Church, the priest decides to decorate it with paintings and icons.

It was a great responsibility for Valery who had to create new paintings, taking into consideration the Cathedral’s architecture, and the requirements of the Church. Having finalized the work on the icons, Valery began the work on the mural paintings. The artist depicted scenes from the Old Testament and the Gospels. He finalized the murals of the Transfiguration Cathedral in 1997.

To illustrate the amount of work done by the artist, we would like to mention the following figures: the iconostasis consists of 22 icons and the total surface of the mural paintings is over 1000 square meters; the Transfiguration Cathedral is 25 meters high and has five domes. In total, the artist painted over 40 icons for the Transfiguration Cathedral.

As for Valery’s non-religious work, most of it consists of paintings and graphic works (etchings, lithographs, monotypes). The artist works with oil on stretched canvas and panels and does not limit himself to one theme or trend. His subjects are varied: landscapes, seascapes, still lives, portraits. Valery also creates works in the traditional Ukrainian manner and paints with oil on glass. He developed for that matter, a technique where he paints on several layers of glass, to create an impression of volume. Besides all this, the artist decorates furniture, using oil paint.

His graphics and paintings are displayed in private collections in the United States of America, Canada, Japan, Germany, South African Republic, Republic of Poland, Greece, Russia, and Ukraine. Currently, Valery Sigayev lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine.

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