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About Us

Renoir Fine Art Inc. was founded by descendants of Pierre-Auguste Renoir.  The Company is dedicated to bringing you a selection of original paintings from the masters of the past as well as from contemporary painters. Our collection is assembled with the help of our European and American associates.

We also specialize in the production and distribution of Fine Art Limited Editions of the highest quality and also offer original paintings. Thanks to close ties with several museums and foundations around the world, Renoir Fine Art Inc. can bring to you a unique collection of officially endorsed collectibles.  This Web Site allows you to acquire these masterpieces, displayed in a museum quality frame, at the best possible price.

Renoir Fine Art
3220 Kellogg Street
San Diego, CA 92106
United States

Tel: (858) 459-2607
Fax: (858) 630-2111

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