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Louis Valtat, precursor of fauvism. A wonderful site realized by the artist's grandson.
This site will let you find all the artists that mattered in every art movements, the definition of the different art movement and a list of museums worldwide. All artists are linked to the museums which have their artworks, as well as sites offering image archives.
Direction des Musées de France - Base Joconde (French version only)
Not a very easy site to use, but a great source to find artists or artworks available in French Museums (many french museums don't have websites or don't give details of their collections online). Images only on pieces which are in the public domain. Two ways to search:
the simple search: "Recherches guidées par listes", select the area you're interested into, and on the next page, click on the name in the list that is closer to what you are looking for. You'll get a new alphabetical list, with the complete list of artists or paintings or movement.
the advanced search: "Recherche experte". Enter your keyword(s) and search the database. I think this one is easier to use when you know what you're looking for!
For Monet's lovers, a site realized by the town of Givervy where Monet spend his last 43 years. The site offers a visit of his garden, the museum, his house, as well as a retrospective of Monet's life and paintings. There is also other information for those who would like to spend some time in Giverny.
This site is realized by The Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Netherland. A must-see site for all those interested in Van Gogh. Beautiful collections, and an exhaustive biography of the painter.
The Magritte Site offers links to museums owning Magritte's works, biography, books, cd-roms, and shop.
Mike Harden Artchive Site. A very complete site for everybody looking for information on artists and art movements. And if you want to help this site, you can help by donating some money or buying through Mike Harden website.
The WebMuseum Paris
Biographies of artists and image archives
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
http://www.chez.com/renoir (French website) - Biography, photos and paintings images.
The Phillips Collection - The Story behind the Masterpiece: The Phillips Collection, owner of the beautiful and well known painting, le Déjeuner des Canotiers or Luncheon of the Boating Party, has created a wonderful webpage to explain everything on the painting: who's who, where it took place, the process about the painting, and much more. There is also a list of books to learn more on the subject

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